Delusional Paradise

You think I can’t see you? I can see you very well.

I’m like the ghost of the Christmas future. I’ll haunt you in your dreams. You may listen to me, or shoo me away thinking I’m just a shadow of your fickle mind. But at the end, you’ll meet your future one day.

Does that scare you? Your future? About which you have a vague idea, but you pretend not to know anything. How long? And whom are you fooling?

You can fool everyone on this earth, but not yourself. You know pretty well where you are heading, but you just want to live in oblivion; just want to be complacent. You know things are not as it should have been. You have screwed up things. Or you could have made things better; made it worthwhile. But you messed up everything.

But this is not the problem. The real problem is you’re not accepting that you have messed up. Maybe it’s your ego, or your fear. You just want to stay in the false illusion for some more days- until you can carry on with this drama.

And what after that? You’re going to meet you’re future one day. And when you reach there just remember these words:


I’m you.



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