Intoxicated Ghostly Night

Intoxicated ghostly night
Muted uproar
Like a wail of sunshine
I am a procession of sounds…
It is time
The moon and the stars were
Plucked out of the sky
And smashed to the ground
When will sunflower adorn
The grave of compassion…
The children of conventions
Do not obey the rules anymore
Mother’s eyes
Turn into hazy holes
Under curtains of mist…
The vultures hold their meetings forever
Leaving behind their speeches
Our days are like the
Crooked horns of a lifeless deer…
~Syed Ahmed Shah
(Translation of the song ‘Xurat Mogon Bhoyal Rati’)
PS: Sorry Syed Ahmed Shah I uploaded your translation without your permission as many had requested me to translate it and I saw yours which was pretty well done. So there was no point for me to do it again.

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