Know your Mother-Tongue ||Assamese

চিৰ চেনেহী মোৰ ভাষা জননী
(Always dear my mother tongue)
Few years back, when I was in school—to be precise, in Class 10— I had friends who said they could not read the headlines in Assamese newspapers. I felt bad hearing that. They were Assamese children, who studied from childhood in English Medium schools. But just because they studied in English Medium schools that doesn’t mean, they should not be knowing how to read or write in their own mother tongue— I felt.
Few years down the line, when I went to Mumbai for my job, and used to attend cultural gatherings in the Assam Bhawan present there, I’d see kids of affluent Assamese professionals working in Mumbai speaking amongst themselves in Hindi. I would be filled with rage. If we do not speak in Assamese, the outsiders are not going to speak in Assamese— I would think.
After spending two years in Mumbai, I started talking with my Assamese friends in Hindi. We cannot escape the influence of the environment. I realized.
But accepting someone else’s language doesn’t mean we will forget our own language.
I recall a few lines from the short story ‘The Last Lesson’ by Alphonse Daudet. (He says about his mother tongue French. The Germans had occupied their land and, only German was to be taught in their schools from the next day. It was the last lesson in French.) He said-
“…we must always retain it among ourselves, and never forget it, because when a people falls into servitude, “so long as it clings to its language, it is as if it held the key to its prison.””
Yes, as long as we hold to our language, no one can enslave us.
I’d like to cite a few lines from one of the songs of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika-
“আনৰে লগতে অসমীয়া অসমতে
যদিহে নেবাচে বাৰু ক’তনো বাচিব
মোৰ আইক ভাল পাওঁ বুলিলে
আনৰ আইক জানো ঘিণ কৰাটো বুজাব…”
(ড. ভূপেন হাজৰিকা)
Which means, if the Assamese language doesn’t survive even in Assam, where else will it survive? And loving ones mother doesn’t mean hating others’.
Assam is the land of Sankardev. It is the land of Jyotiprasad Agarwala, Lakshminath Bezbaruah. Assam is the land of Lachit. Assam has a rich heritage, a rich culture and traditions. It has a rich language. We should never forget it.
Hundreds of people have laid down their lives for the Bhasa Andolon. We should not let them down. We should teach our future generations to respect and learn their mother tongue. This is our moral obligation.
I’d like to end with a few lines of the anthem of the Assam Shahitya Shabha-
চিৰ চেনেহী মোৰ ভাষা জননী
ধন্যে পুন্যে হৃত পাৱনী,
প্ৰকৃতি পৰশ ৰসে অমল কমল
চঞ্চল হৃদি জলে ঢালে পৰিমল
কোমল চম্পাৰ কলি
ফুৰে ঢৌৱে ঢৌৱে তুলি
ৰিণিকি ৰিণিকি কোনে তোলে ৰাগিণী
সংসাৰ গুৰুভাৰে অৱশ পৰাণ
হিয়াত বিলীন হয় হিয়াভৰা গান
কাৰ নিচুকনি শুনা
শুনি বানী ব্যথা পমা
চকুতে চকুৰ নীৰে লয় জিৰণি
জীৱনে মৰণে ৰণে লহৰী সুধাৰ
ৰসনা শিতানে বহি সিঁচা শতধাৰ
হে’ মোৰ মধুৰাননা মাগিছোঁ মাধুৰী কণা
দিয়া দিয়া দিয়া আই মধু ভাষিণী
Always dear my mother tongue
‘Bajok doba, bajok xhongkho, bajok mridong khol, Oxom akou unnoti pothot, Jai Aii Axom bol”.

Peshawar Attack-A wake up Call

The dastardly act of the mass-massacre of innocent school-children at the Peshawar School in Pakistan on 16 Dec 2014 is beyond condemnation. No words can alleviate the loss or the pain of the sufferers. No words can describe the gravity of the pain. Our heart goes out to the ones who have lost their little angels.

What was their fault?

‘He went out in uniform, came back in a coffin’ my eyes got misty as I read the wails of an inconsolable father in a newspaper. What could one say! These kids- these little kids, what was their fault? They didn’t even know properly what religion is! What politics is what a war is or what death is! These little hearts, naive enough, to even judge the good from the evil- the God from the Devil were brutally slaughtered for no fault of theirs! It was their age to study and play and have fun, fight over an ice-cream, get pampered by their parents and their loved ones; and there they lay in a casket.

I fail to understand- does any religion approve of it? Is it justifiable by any human? Islam- meaning peace. Is this peace? Jihad- I don’t really know what it means and I really don’t want to know it if I too can commit such inhuman acts knowing it. I fail to understand whether those who do such things are even human. I fail to reconcile with it. And I find it difficult to accept that Islam allows it. People have really manipulated the meaning of Islam a lot and have used it to fulfill their vested interested. And the stupid ones are brainwashed to do such stupid gruesome acts, giving them the lure of 72 virgins and shit, leading them to cause bloodshed and massacre, not to mention their own lives being lost.

Islam is a very obscure religion. The language in which the Quran is written is extremely obscure. Even intellectuals find difficulty in understanding the true meaning. Moreover it has been passed over generations, by various modes of transfer, and this is my personal belief that any book when passed generations after generations undergo changes- deliberate or undeliberate. So possibly, much has changed from the original book and stuffs that meted their selfish agendas of some people might have been added by them with time. And even if that is not true, the obscurity of the language has been exploited by pseudo keepers-of-the-religion to give a different connotation from what it really was and to spread it among the vulnerable people who don’t understand the language well, making them do wrong things. What else can explain even educated people like engineers- doctors and all joining the ‘Jihad’ under ISIS or at other places?

For long Pakistan has been blaming India for all their worries. It’s time to stop and introspect now. What went wrong? How long will you be in a denial mode? I know this might not be the right time to castigate you, but the sooner you start the better. ‘You can’t keep snakes in your back yard and expect them to only bite your neighbours’.

Even now some of the Pakistanis have not missed the chance to put the blame of this massacre on India. “India, we will NOT forgive you for this atrocity! You chose the day of December 16th to rub it in. We stand firm, united & will crush you!” the 50-year-old ‘security analyst’, Zaid Hamid lashed out on Twitter. And there were many others backing this bullshit. How long will keep on with you hate-India theory. People like you are leading Pakistan towards self-destruction. And how long will the imbecile be allow themselves to be victimized by such shrewd people who are doing nothing but business to keep themselves powerful!

Pakistan has long nurtured the terror groups in their land to use them in their proxy war against India. And yes, to a large extent they have been successful in doing so; the 26/11 Mumbai attack being just an example. They have long unleashed terror in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir using their home-grown terror outfits, chasing the locals to take shelter in refuge-camps, leaving their homes and cattle back. They have even fought the Kargil war with the militants fighting shoulder to shoulder with their army. But now the snakes that they have kept are biting their keepers.

It is time Pakistan wakes up and rectifies the things that they did wrong. Getting Kashmir through threat is something they’re never going to achieve. So they should look into the lands they have and try to improve the life of their people. And if still, they want to stay in a denial mode and stick to their idea of supporting militancy than God save them. Every other day there is a suicide bombing in Pakistan and in this rate it won’t take much time to self-destroy Pakistan.

Every life is precious. Be it a Hindu or a Muslim, this side of the border or that side. I fell happy to see the solidarity shown by the fellow Indians in the hard time of our Pakistani brothers. Nothing can bring the lives back, but I just hope that 16 Dec which was remembered as a day of animosity till now is remembered as a day of the dawn of goodwill and trust between the two nations.

I pray for the departed souls.


Porns Rapes Noodles

Does porn make you rape?

The hardcore conservative people will say ‘Certainly it does. Porn elevates the sexual urge in the youths and the teens and that lead people to rape’. Let’s assume it to be true. Then why does the aged people rape? Why does Asharam rape? Why does a father rape a daughter? I don’t know whether they watch porn or not, but people like Asharam will never accept they do. Neither do they have unavailability of sex! They are people with wives and children. Then why did they rape. Also if watching porn would have made people rape, I believe almost every youth and teen must have been a rapist as I believe 90% of Indian youth and teen watches porn (I’m not sure of the rest 10%). So, watching porn certainly doesn’t make you rape.

Does watching porn make you not rape?

I think this idea is equally flawed as the former. Can anyone say that all the people who raped had never watched porn in their life! I don’t buy that. Of course there might be some who might not have access to it. But today with the availability of cheap android phones almost every autowala-rickshawala has such videos in their phones. Thanks to the easy availability of internet and the vast ‘awareness’ created by facebook now everyone knows where from to get such stuffs easily. Of course supporters of porn would say-It releases your sexual tension so makes you calm, which might be true to some extent. But if you say one who watches porn never rapes, I would not accept.

Does noodles make you rape?

This is the most nonsensical yet amusing logic that I have heard in the recent times. Thanks to the Khap for entertaining me. Jokes apart, the Khap should think before making such comments in such a delicate issue. I belong to the land –the Northeast, where eating noodles is too common. So according to that logic, the Northeast should have been the rape capital of India. But it’s not so. In fact it has much lesser of such incidents than the mainland India-UP, Bihar, Delhi etc. I don’t know even why I’m trying to disprove such an illogical statement. The Khaps and the right-winged communal people have always tried to maintain the male dominant society, and give lame excuses for a male’s wrongdoing or accuse the women for everything. They have said that girls wearing short clothes make people rape them. Now even if they wear short clothes, if you’re a moral and ethical person, why will you do such an inhuman act! And what were the 7-8 years old (or even smaller) school girls wearing, who became rape victims! Statements like ‘Boys will be boys. Mistakes happen’ by powerful politicians just promote such sick-minded people to do so.

Who rape?

Rape has nothing to do with watching porn or not or girls wearing short clothes or not. It has everything to do with the mentality of the person. It has everything to do with the moral upbringing of that individual. It has to do with the family he has been brought up, the environment he has been in. While you cannot blame the family if their sons do such a dastardly act, it is the duty of the parents to try to impart some moral values in them, while they are just kids. They should be brought up in a right environment where they themselves don’t see such things which they can emulate later in life. Also there is a growing need of talking openly about sex and stuffs with kids. Hushing up will only cause them to get these knowledge from wrong sources which might even mislead them.

Also knowledge about such things at a very small age can be harmful. It is okay if the child has become matured enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. But if you watch it from a very small age you might be going the wrong way. Because once you know all that, there will be a strong urge to do that, and when you’re not even able to judge what is right and what is wrong, you’ll have an inclination to it, and might not be ready to change your stand even when you grow up and understand the facts properly. So I would not suggest watching porn from a very small age

Addiction to porn can be harmful too even if it doesn’t make you rape. If you pump your blood all the time to your dick when will you pump it to your brain! Personally I would not suggest watching porn a lot. It should be occasional. And if you’re addicted to it, I think you should consult a doctor.

Rapes are committed by psychologically-ill people. They can’t be normal human beings. What pleasure can someone get when the other person is not cooperating and you’re forcing yourself on her (/him)! They are sick-minded people with something seriously psychologically wrong in them. I mean I too adore beautiful girls. ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’. But I don’t have such sick thoughts. Appreciating beauty is a different thing.

PS: These are my personal opinions and you can always differ or debate. I have done no research.


Indian Education System

I had promised someone long time back that I would write something on the Indian Education System. I had almost forgotten when suddenly today I remembered. So I thought of writing something before I forget it again.

The Indian Education System is, in the words of many, ‘Fucked up’. And my opinion is not that divergent from those who think so. Well I am a pygmy in front of the scholars who have taken up this issue earlier, and I don’t know how good to express myself, but I would still like to use my right to freedom of speech to give my assessment about the very educational system that I have gone through and probably may even go through in future.

First, the idea of imposing a selected fixed number of subjects on everyone is very wrong. Say suppose, I like Computer Science and I like arts such as music and literature as well. I should have the choice of selecting the subjects that I want to study and reject the ones which I don’t. Unfortunately, in the Indian Education System you don’t have that liberty. Even in higher education when you have streams you have very little choice. Say for example, you take up engineering, you have no choice to take music as a subject and learn it at a professional level. Can’t a person have interest in engineering as well as music at the same time? But in the foreign schools things are pretty different, and you have the freedom of selecting the fields of your choice right from lower levels.

Second, the curriculum in most of the institutions here are outdated. Except a few colleges, most of the colleges follow and old curriculum that might not have been updated since years. With the changing times, there is the growing need to change oneself- too keep oneself up-to-date.

Third, the quality of teachers is pathetic. I had never heard anyone say ‘I want to be a teacher’ to the question ‘What do you want to become in life’ asked at school during childhood. Unfortunately, and with no intention to offend anyone, except a few, all the people who end up becoming teachers, are the ones who had no viable better career option. So, they become teacher not by choice but by destiny. Thus, it’s not a surprise when a Bihar teacher spells ‘APPLE’ as ‘APIL’. And consequently, what can we expect the students to learn from a teacher like that. And it’s equally not surprising when teachers try to hush up a ‘troubling’ student, who ‘always disturbs the class with stupid questions’. Under such a circumstance, it is understandable why a convent school student was made to sit in a primary school in Lucknow to impress Bill Clinton during his visit to that school.

Fourth, the most worrying aspect of Indian Education is that, the ‘crammers are rewarded’ and the ‘thinkers penalized’. India is a country where in reality, the ‘Chatur’ gets the gold medal and the ‘Ranchoddas’ actually fails! Therefore it is no wonder that while a lot of students are bagging high package jobs all across the globe, there is perhaps negligible progress in the field of research.

Well there might be many other loopholes in the educational system. These are only a few I mentioned. But my aim is not to curse everyone, starting from the education minister to the teacher who taught me, for my failure. Because that won’t help me in any way. I believe in survival of the fittest. If that is the system here, we have no choice but to go through it. But if someday, I become powerful enough I should try to change the things that I think is wrong.

If you don’t like a rule just follow it, reach on the top and change the rule ~ Hitler


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