The Awakening

Speak to me,
I don’t hear any voice;
The noise has deafened me.
For you, it’s a deal—
Corrupt me with your words;
The herd misleads me.
For it’s you, whom I trust;
Your lies are for me to take
Again, even if it’s a mistake.
So, wake my soul;
Pull me with your aroma,
For I don’t want to learn to live in coma.
For long I have stayed asleep,
Now, it’s time to take a leap;
If it is to be, let my faith on you get my soul ripped.
I want to dance in the rain.
I want to sing in my pain.
I want to dream again.
Let your darkness engulf mine,
For mine alone is too weak to shine;
Together we can explode like landmines.
Stoke my psyche,
Let my temptations show its ire;
We all are sinners of our lust and desires.
You lie to me,
And I’ll lie to you
If that can act as fuel.
So, stir the revolution;
Let the flames dance in the fire,
And spirits be awakened in the graveyard.
Take up your arms;
Let World War III begin,
Let sacrifices be made, if the need be.

The Mystic Wolf

In the light of the fireflies
She walks by the stream;
Her eyes glow a smile
That could light up the hill.

Far away a wolf cries;
Evil eerie in the scream.
Lonely night and the fireflies
The echoes make her cringe.

The fireflies hypnotize;
A lullaby is what they sing.
Nothing else in her sight;
She dissolves in her dream.

Mystic wolf comes alive
Behind her by the stream;
Slowly pounces on her,
Swallows her in her dream.


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