Random Blues

Darkness swept and there came the rains,
The heavens cried pouring its pains.
The leaves dropped and so did the dew,
The winds blew but no traces of you!
The trees moved from left to right,
And shuddered with fear as if they knew the plight.
The skies stormed with thunder and light,
As if searching for you but you’re nowhere in sight.
The birds flew rushing to their nests,
What comes ahead they knew the best!
Their babies alone didn’t know what to do,
Helpless the way it feels without you.
The drops poured like drums on the street;
The buzzing sound played a beat,
Of melancholy and emptiness—
And I can’t find looking for a place.
The clouds moved along with me,
And puddles plinked like memories.
The raging wind made whispers about you,
Bringing a void and the random blues.

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