For Once|| Eibeli Muk

For once, keep me in your heart.
For once, wrap in in your arms.
For once, in your shroud,
And in a blink every moment shall pass;
Every night shall.
For once, let the world see,
With feelings, light a lamp for me.
Thinking about you,
I spend my life.
For anyone else,
I have no time.
From the land of the moons, you bring me news;
I need nothing else, nothing else but you.
For once, don’t keep me waiting.
With love, please overwhelm me.
Every night, you come in my dreams,
And give me a kiss,
Pouring the sweet aroma of yours,
Leaving me in a state of bliss.
I feel like flying; how can I hold it?
For once, flying like an unleashed bird.
For once, let the stars see,
A night of union and intimacy.
For once…
And in a blink every moment shall pass;
Every night shall.
For once, let the world see,
With feelings, light a lamp for me.
 PS: It is my attempt to translate the song ‘Eibeli Muk’. I tried my best. Forgive me if I could not do justice to the song _/\_ .

9 thoughts on “For Once|| Eibeli Muk

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  1. Cannot thank you enough!. You found time specially for this.I have been trying to get this one for a long time now. Finally I have it thanks to you.
    I like Assamese music and I try to watch Bihu programs of Papon and Zubeen Garg. Language is a problem but I get help from generous people like you. Some of the songs of Zubeen I like are Bahi tumi, Mayabini ratir bukut, Maya etc.

    Thanks once again and wish you all the best.


    1. Rather I should thank you. I don’t find enough time these days, but you pushed me to write. Please do let me know if you need more translations. That will motivate me to write more.


  2. That’s very kind of you. Following are the songs I have been trying to get translation for. Please do not tax yourself with these. Please do it at leisure.

    1. Bahi tumi by Zubeen
    2. Tumar morome mur originally by Jayanta Hazarika
    3. Xuworonir kuwoli fakere namise by Papon
    4. Xora Phool by papon
    5. Mayabini Ratir Kolat by Papon
    6. Dinor Puhor originally by Manna Dey

    The problem is there are too many gems to choose from. The song which really got me into Assamese music is “Hondiya Jetiya” by Papon and after I got its translation I was completely mesmerized by the way Papon has rendered it. Amazingly simple music but very heart touching!!


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  3. Yes indeed! I find it quite soulful and close to nature. The folk part of it is very rich and I feel that is the real key to it being so good. I continue to enjoy it despite the language barrier.


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