I feel naked.
Completely stripped.
Every bit of cloth ripped off.
Morbidly lying on my knees;
Head bent down,
Looking to the ground,
Hands hanging across my shoulders,
Feebly trying to cover my privates,
Unsuccessfully trying to save my modesty,
If there is any left.

I know a crowd has gathered around me;
Every single eye prying upon my nakedness,
With disgust,
And shame.
I hear them murmur something
Into each other’s ears.
They must be speaking of me-
Discussing what a sickening pest I had been;
The filth that I had been.

I slowly raise my head,
Lifting my view
To take a peek into the crowd,
With a sense of fear and guilt
Of God knows what,
And a jitter of nervousness;
What a thing of pity to be!
I’m terrorized.
Eyes pointing at me.
Familiar eyes.
Mocking at my state.
Familiar smile.
Faces with scorn.
Faces all mine.
I’m naked.



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