I feel naked.
Completely stripped.
Every bit of cloth ripped off.
Morbidly lying on my knees;
Head bent down,
Looking to the ground,
Hands hanging across my shoulders,
Feebly trying to cover my privates,
Unsuccessfully trying to save my modesty,
If there is any left.

I know a crowd has gathered around me;
Every single eye prying upon my nakedness,
With disgust,
And shame.
I hear them murmur something
Into each other’s ears.
They must be speaking of me-
Discussing what a sickening pest I had been;
The filth that I had been.

I slowly raise my head,
Lifting my view
To take a peek into the crowd,
With a sense of fear and guilt
Of God knows what,
And a jitter of nervousness;
What a thing of pity to be!
I’m terrorized.
Eyes pointing at me.
Familiar eyes.
Mocking at my state.
Familiar smile.
Faces with scorn.
Faces all mine.
I’m naked.




Someday I’ll have to learn;
Someday I’ll have to grow.
There won’t always be someone to walk by me;
Someday I’ll have to know.
Someday I’ll have to pass;
Someday I’ll have to slow.
I can’t be holding on to something forever;
Someday I’ll have to let it go.
Someday I’ll have to strive;
Someday I’ll have to force.
There won’t always be someone to hold my hand;
Someday I’ll have to flow.
Someday I’ll have to shine;
Someday I’ll have to glow.
There still is a spark somewhere in me;
Someday I’ll have to show.


What I want is not you;
I can live without you
For a million years,
If only I am sure,
I reside in your heart,
I can die with a smile.

What I fear is losing you;
Those moments we shared
That once made me smile,
Can now make me cry.
The thought of you leaving me,
And us becoming strangers,
Can make me die.

But won’t it be a shame?
Coz you know I care for you,
And I think you care for me too.
We’ll have no one to blame
When everything gets over,
And we take our last breath
Away from each other,
Missing each other,
But no way to reach.
Can we endure that pain?


Dead Star

I am the dead star,
Collapsing into myself.
Cringing in a corner,
I’m lost in the universe.

Sunk into darkness,
Out of everyone’s sight,
All I cling to is my past-
My gone glory and might.

I’m cold now,
All the fire I once had has died out.
I can emit no light-
Something to look about.

The constellation I once shared,
Has forsaken me long;
Stories of joy and anecdotes of suffering,
Is all what I carry along.



The hills rock to sleep in a sedating dream;
The night puts silent all the pains and the screams.

A voice keeps echoing pushing the walls;
The hound I shelter is daunting and tall.

My heart’s still dark like the simmering moon;
I can’t walk over with my stumbling view.

The sins I’ve done have stained my hands;
I wash and wash over but the blood never fades.

I weep for a loss like the pouring sky;
I weep for something I don’t know why?

I keep rolling on the bed without sleep;
I wake from a nightmare, scary and deep.

I try to run, but my past haunts me;
I hide my fear and the ghosts I see.


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