And I burn,
All through the night—
A never ending fire.
And I cry,
My tears make me blind—
Standing on my pyre.

All I try,
All I want.
All I hope;
It’s all gone bad.

And I fall;
Fall on my knees,
Begging you please.
And I wrap;
Wrap my arms,
Across the memories.

All I try,
All I love.
All I want,
Is all I lost.

And I see,
I see nothing;
Why you stranded me!
And I bleed,
Scripts I ink,
Drowning in the sea.

All I get,
All I strive.
All I bet,
Is all my life.

And I feel,
I feel too weak—
You were my energy.
And I miss,
Miss you every minute,
Miss you till eternity.

All I beg,
All I plead.
None but you,
Is all I need.