You showed your trust on me,
And loved me blindly.
You offered yourself to me,
And loved me wildly!

I thought I loved you,
I still think, I do.
Oh, I don’t know what’s true!
Baby! I don’t have a clue.

You came lying at home,
To spend time with me alone.
We’d listen to the old songs,
And sing in a tone.

Don’t know where things went wrong.
Baby, I just want to walk along.
And sing the same songs,
And do the things we long.

Oh I’m a sinner,
I have done a lot of bad things
That I never meant to do.
Oh I’m a sinner,
And I knew I was wrong
It’s a shame, how could I do!

Oh I’m a sinner,
I should have never done things,
And this guilt is cutting me through.
Oh I’m a sinner,
I don’t know how to tell you this,
But I still love you.