My heart still feels the pain;
How I wish you could see!
How you’ve left me in shatters;
How you’ve wasted me.

I saw your face today,
And my heart felt a twinge;
I thought I was over you,
But you know you’re hard to leave.

I’m stuck in this infinite loop,
And round and round I go.
Why a firefly burns all night,
You’ll never know.

You’re a master of cruelty,
Or a slave of your fears?
I’ll get to know someday,
When the smog clears.

I don’t know if this is right.
What if this is wrong?
All I want is you by my side,
And I’ll love you along.



The Lighthouse

I was lost in the world,
In the sea of troubles,
Stuck in puzzles,
Finding no shore.

A boat then came by,
And brought me your voice;
Very kind were those words.
What could I seek more!

Sail me home…
Too dark it’s grown…
So drown in me and light my soul.

I have wandered so long;
Wrecked are my sails.
I’ve tried and I’ve failed;
There’re holes in my bones.

You’re my lighthouse.
Guide me in the tempest;
Join me in my quest.
I can’t sail alone.

Sail me home…
Too dark it’s grown…
So drown in me and light my soul.

You are my ink,
And I am your pen;
Words get woven,
Crafted in stone.

Sail me home…
Too dark it’s grown…
So drown in me and light my soul.


The Ring

The dark night sky
Gets gloomier.
I look up high;
Can’t see a star.
A fear crawls by
As I try stare far.

And I’m bound in chains
That I can’t see.
My heart’s in stains;
A lust holds me.

And I’m going mad;
I want to be free.
And my guilt does add;
I can’t hide my sins.

The frozen night
Gets loonier.
I search for light
A warming fire.
The cold- my plight;
And the chilling air.

And I try so hard
To take a step.
But I’m nailed to earth;
I can’t wake

From a sleep so tight,
That I know everything,
Still can’t chase the light;
Cursed by an evil ring.


Speed of Light

The night shall pass by,
And I’ll have to move on,
Leaving you who’re never mine;
Leaving me all alone.

I don’t know if this is love!
I don’t know why it hurts!
I can’t tell how it feels!
But I  know just one thing—

If you touch my heart,
You’ll never be apart.
You know it’s not so hard,
Let’s just give a start.

And you said it’s not done;
You think it’s all wrong.
Then why it feels so right?
Why can’t you just walk along?

Say you need me too;
Let’s just end this fight.
And I shall reach to you,
In the speed of light.

Coz when it’s the dark,
I can see a spark.
A light that shines so bright;
Only you can guide my night.


Winter Rain

It was a walk in the lane,
No one but me.
I was drenched in the rain,
But no one could see;
My tears falling free.

Oh my love…
Where are you?

Those days of past,
Keep flashing in my mind;
Where are you, my love?

The chilling breeze,
Begging you please,
Come pass by, for once.

We could take a walk in a rain,
Just you and me.
The drops would wash away our pain,
And no one would see,
How lost we could be!

Oh my love…
Just me and you.

The birds would sing,
Flying like our hearts,
Words that only we can understand.

All my best memories,
Begging you please,
Please, come by, for once.



You showed your trust on me,
And loved me blindly.
You offered yourself to me,
And loved me wildly!

I thought I loved you,
I still think, I do.
Oh, I don’t know what’s true!
Baby! I don’t have a clue.

You came lying at home,
To spend time with me alone.
We’d listen to the old songs,
And sing in a tone.

Don’t know where things went wrong.
Baby, I just want to walk along.
And sing the same songs,
And do the things we long.

Oh I’m a sinner,
I have done a lot of bad things
That I never meant to do.
Oh I’m a sinner,
And I knew I was wrong
It’s a shame, how could I do!

Oh I’m a sinner,
I should have never done things,
And this guilt is cutting me through.
Oh I’m a sinner,
I don’t know how to tell you this,
But I still love you.


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