Is this the end or the beginning,
Or the beginning of the end?
I can’t believe this;
I could not see this coming.
I’m tired now;
Tired of going through the same things
again and again.
I tried to wipe out my memory,
starting with my phone.
I hope you won’t haunt me again.
I have thought a million times,
but could never get the courage.
But this time I somehow did;
tapped on the clear option.
And hoped I won’t see you again.
I can’t see you;
See you away from me.
So I erased all the history
from all the places where I could see you.
I wish we had a ‘clear data’ option in us too.
Will you please leave me alone!
All I needed was a little love;
not your body but your soul.
But all you did was nothing
but hurting me all the while.
Did you never know
or you never cared?
You never had to do that;
I did not bring you to me.
Why the hell you had to come?
See what I’m doing again;
It’s what I thought I had left.
I having nothing to say;
Nothing to ask.
Just go out of my mind
and leave me alone.
I just need to heal.
I don’t care anymore;
I don’t want to.
You just be happy with yourself;
with your friends and gadgets.
I just want to let it go,
I have to let it go,
I need to let it go.