The best things in life
Come free to us,
And we lose those pearls
While we chase a mirage.

We want a better life,
And in the pursuit of happiness,
We lose our life;
We just wander in wilderness.

The simplest things of life
Can give us the greatest joy.
But we’re so blind that
When they come we just avoid.

We’re so busy running,
Trying to find something else,
That we can’t even realize,
What our heart really tells.

And in no time,
We’d be in our death-bed,
Counting what went wrong,
How things could have been different.

Only if we had taken a step;
Left all our greed and concentrated,
On what we really needed;
For happiness cannot be purchased.

And only the simplest things in life,
That comes free to us,
Are the best things in life,
We should realize.