Sometimes I skip everything,
And sneak to the creek;
Away from the skyscrapers,
By the hill.

Blow me away—
I say to the wind,
As the waters of the stream
Sprinkles upon me.

It’s been days,
I couldn’t sleep.
Something bugs me,
Buried dark and deep.

What lost? What found?
In solitude I think.
And Like a creep I sink,
I weep I weep.

Closed doors, lost friends;
What’s wrong with me?
Blew chances, made mistakes;
But nothing that I could see!

I look to a distance,
And I could see my ruins.
I have tried my best,
But everything slips away from me.

And the only solace that I find,
Amidst the agony,
Is the creek,
My solitude and me.