I got to find my way home,
But I don’t know where to begin.
I’m lost in the jungle,
And the sky is sinking.

I will be alright;
I’ve been this messed since so long,
And I sustained;
So I’ll still walk along.

The animals roar in the night,
And try to scare me out.
My heart starts beating faster,
And I start thinking of you.

I’m dreaming of what could be,
What would have been?
Waiting till eternity;
We all got to prove something .

I don’t know where I am!
I just blinked for a second,
And I find myself nowhere,
As my eyes reopened.

You just got to believe in me;
I have walked so far,
I’ll make it to home;
Yes, I am at war.

Don’t give up on me;
I won’t let you down.
I know I’m far from reality,
But one day I’ll earn the crown.

So let this night go on,
And the cold make me shiver.
I’ll outlive to see the dawn,
And reach to you wherever you are.