When you walked out that door,
I knew it was never to come again.
And I rushed to the window
To see you one last time, walking in the rain.

It’s been so long now,
So long but I still miss you the same.
And I shed tears when I’m all alone;
Do you know anything about my pain?

How could you move on?
When I’m stuck at a standstill.
Did you think I was never hurt by your words?
I never show that I cry.

Like the rushing waves are
Pushed away by the shore,
Once you said we’ll always be together,
And now you don’t care anymore.

If your love was for real,
Why did you run away?
And when you don’t even reply my pleas,
I’ve got nothing else to say.

Now my lonely nights often ask,
Was I just a toy?
Did I ever mean something?
Or was I just another boy!