Wish I could write.
Wish I could write a song,
That could make you feel,
How much I love you.
But I can’t;
I am worthless.

My pen doesn’t speak.
My pen doesn’t speak those words,
That I never could tell.
But I’ve been trying,
Scribbling my pen;
Writing just mess.

I don’t want to be alone.
I don’t want to be alone forever,
Just on my own.
I’ve been finding it hard
To give up on you;
To concede.

I hope to get you.
I hope to get you back some day;
Hope you’d understand
What I never could tell,
Why I can never be this good;
Though I tried.

Don’t you see me.
Don’t you see me I’m dying,
Finding you not by my side,
But with somebody else.
I can’t bear it;
Wish I had died.