Bitter Love

You never really cared
About my love,
Never felt bad
To break my heart.
Bitter love…
Bitter love…

And I was dying every moment;
And it felt like a curse.
I wish I never met you;
Never felt loved.
I was good as a loner;
Didn’t know what hurts.
Bitter love…
Bitter love…

And then you came
Like the summer rain,
And showered me love,
Took my pain.
Bitter love…
Bitter love…

For a second I felt
I had paradise.
But I didn’t know it’d lead
To my endless cries;
And you could be so brutal;
Could speak so lies.
Bitter love…
Bitter love…

I’ll walk the road
On my own.
I need no one
To catch me when I fall.
Bitter love…
Bitter love…

I thought we could be
Friends for life.
You could be the sun,
And I could be your light.
But you hid by the clouds;
Went out of my sight
Bitter love…
Bitter love…

What went wrong?
I don’t want to know.
We had a road,
You choose not to go.
Bitter love…
Bitter love…



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