The most delicate thing ever on this earth is the heart. The most brutal thing ever on this earth is the heart. The most mysterious thing ever on this earth is the heart. Heart is the cause of many wars; or maybe almost all the wars. Had there been no heart there would have been no difference between a man and a machine-with-a-brain.

Maybe even if you can build smart machines that have a brain and can make decisions, they won’t be able to replace humans, because humans have got hearts. They might be able to make intelligent decisions, but they won’t be able to make wise decisions; for a wise decision can be made only by the application of both a mind and a heart. They might rage war at the slightest incitation or for any frivolous reason; which a man with a heart can avoid as he is able to judge the situation and understand the future unforeseen repercussions.  Heart is the only reason we make stupid decisions at times because those decisions might be doing some good for someone whom we care for; heart is the only reason we feel pain and we shed tears.

Hearts are soft and tender like a feather. It gets hurt at the slightest prick. Hearts change. Today you like someone; tomorrow you might not like him. When you like someone you’ll like everything he does; and when you hate him you’ll hate him for the same things. It’s not always because they have changed. It’s because you have changed. Your priorities have changed.

You liked him maybe because you were lonely at that time and you had no better ‘friend’. Or you had no better ways to spend time. You just needed someone to speak to; to get some psychological support. He was just a source of entertainment for you, just like a joker at a circus. And when you got some ‘better’ friends, he turns ‘boring’ and ‘irritating’.

People change; people change like the dresses they change. And the ones who can’t adapt to this change suffer.

Unfortunately, some people are too sentimental; mawkish for some. They take everything seriously. They mean everything they say. And the problem is they think everyone else does so. But, many say just for the sake of saying. They will call you a ‘friend’ and never mean one.

Sometimes people will just pull you towards them. They will make you feel special. You’ll feel there is at least someone on this earth, besides your family, who selflessly love who, who cares for you and whom you can trust blindly. They will do small-small things that will bring a smile on your face no matter where you are. And you’ll smile more when you feel stupid, once you realize everyone around is staring at you. But you enjoy that, you crave for such sweet-embarrassing moments. You cherish them.

And then, they will throw you out of their life, and you will keep wondering how did this happen. What went wrong? And you’ll never see the reason. The same person who once made you feel special will hurt you with words fiercer than bullets. And the sad thing is, they won’t even think that you would feel sad; they won’t even care. They were more than a life to you but you’ll see them slipping away, just like the lump of sand you try to grasp— the harder you try to grasp, the faster they slip away.

And you know, it’s better to let them go. But you don’t know how to!



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