No I never wanted to take that path
That would cross you;
No I never wanted to see.
But we would bump into each other
In the wildest place;
Guess, it was in our destiny!

So many lies that you would tell me,
And I never wanted to hear the truth;
But deep inside, I always knew.
You had lost the trust once you had gained;
But I loved to be stabbed by you;
And I loved to be a fool.

And I bleed myself for you…

You think you always win the race;
It’s because that’s what I want you to;
You could never see it through.
You’re having fun with some other guy;
You couldn’t see me
Burning, I sat by the pool.

I wish I could move on.
Trust me; I have made a million failed attempts.
But I wish I knew.
Every road that I would take,
Every tiny step that I took,
That would reach to you.

And I bleed myself for you…