I fear,
I fear death;
That one day I’ll be gone,
And no one would even remember my name.

I fear,
I fear oblivion;
That I’ll be lost in its clutches—
So dark and treacherous; too hard to tame.

I fear,
I fear love;
A deluge of tenderness,
Leaves with umpteen scars of pain and shame.

I fear,
I fear hope;
That it’ll show me dreams,
And leave me  bewildered with my hazy aim.

I fear,
I fear failure;
That I’d be crushed and thrown,
Broken with no one but myself to blame.

I fear,
I fear you;
You came like an oasis of love,
And dumped me puzzled and shattered with no claim.

I fear,
I fear myself;
That one day I’ll explode like a grenade,
And you’d just silently witness this game.