It was a lovely Friday night,
and I was standing out the bar.
I was waiting for my pal
when my eyes fell on her.
As she walked out the car,
she blew away my heart.
Oh Jenny!

Curly was her hair ,
and her dress was pink;
And as I saw her
I forgot how to blink.
It was love at first sight,
or that’s what I think.
Oh Jenny!

I forgot my friend,
and followed just her.
She looked pretty as a doll
as she entered the bar.
Oh I’m ready to die for her,
and take all her scars
Oh Jenny!

I didn’t even know
when my friend stood by me.
‘She’s Ronnie’s sister’,said he,
‘don’t even dare think’.
‘He’s gonna break your bones
and make you limp’.
Oh Jenny!

I got to tell you,
but I never know how!
It’s been so long since then,
and I donno what to do now.
I want to spend my life with you,
if you must allow.
Oh Jenny!

Ronnie, tell your sister,
how much I love her!
And please don’t break my legs;
I’ll take her care
And never look at another girl,
on Jesus I swear
Oh Jenny!



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