The Scarecrow

Staring to sky high,
Lonely on a dark night,
I wish I could,
Whisper to the fireflies,
Pass them kiss and goodbyes,
As they flew.

But I’m just a scarecrow,
Stranded on a meadow,
Kept to shoo,
Greedy crows and sparrows,
But how I feel no one knows,
No, they never do.

And I bleed all night,
And the stars can see my plight,
As the world turns so quiet,
But you never try.

Try and bring me into life,
I want to dance and feel the love—
Just me and you.
And the blurry sky will turn so bright,
The crescent moon will blow the pipe,
And comets shoot.

We could wander by the riverside,
Or from the hill top take a glide,
And shout,
‘Just look at the fireflies,
Twinkling up the dark skies,
So loud’.

But you never knew,
How my fears grew,
And I could see you through,
Still hoped you’d feel me too.



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