I wish I could finish
The things I started;
Be by your side forever,
And never parted.

I wish the sky was
Again so starry;
Me and you and the moonlight,
And nothing to worry.

I wish the wind blew
Again the same way;
The breeze could fly away the leaves,
But we could still stay.

I wish I could rewind
The tape and go back in time;
Hold you in my arms,
And sing you those rhymes.

I wish I had never
Made those mistakes;
Danced with you in the rains,
And walked with you in the snowflakes.

I wish things were
Never so awkward;
Never broken your heart,
Never uttered those words.

I wish we could start
It over again;
You’d ring the wrong door bell,
And I’d see you by my window pane.