Delusional Paradise

You think I can’t see you? I can see you very well.

I’m like the ghost of the Christmas future. I’ll haunt you in your dreams. You may listen to me, or shoo me away thinking I’m just a shadow of your fickle mind. But at the end, you’ll meet your future one day.

Does that scare you? Your future? About which you have a vague idea, but you pretend not to know anything. How long? And whom are you fooling?

You can fool everyone on this earth, but not yourself. You know pretty well where you are heading, but you just want to live in oblivion; just want to be complacent. You know things are not as it should have been. You have screwed up things. Or you could have made things better; made it worthwhile. But you messed up everything.

But this is not the problem. The real problem is you’re not accepting that you have messed up. Maybe it’s your ego, or your fear. You just want to stay in the false illusion for some more days- until you can carry on with this drama.

And what after that? You’re going to meet you’re future one day. And when you reach there just remember these words:


I’m you.



The Rosy Lanes

Don’t know what she hides from the world;
Her sulking eyes, fail to lie the looming downpour.
She takes all the pain and fakes a smile,
And fools her friends and shoos her friends with her guile.

All the while,
Carrying the hefty pile,
Of her rile;
Drown in her sorrow-vile.

And she pretends,
That she walks the rosy lanes.
But she shivers;
A fear rips her heart,
That she’ll be so left out.

Don’t know how fate can be so cruel;
No one knows, no one sees what she’s gone through.
They make fun of her behind her back;
And she takes with grace all the attacks.

Her lips are sealed;
And she never speaks,
Of her grief,
And she never heals.

And she pretends,
That she walks the rosy lanes.
But she shivers;
A fear rips her heart,
That she’ll be so left out.

And she silently bears them all;
All alone, at times, she cries by the wall.
But the pain never goes and she sinks in the skyfall.

And she pretends,
That she walks the rosy lanes.
But she shivers;
A fear rips her heart,
That she’ll be so left out.



Tired eyes, pale face;
Struggling to stay awake.
White lies, dark days;
Killing every moment.
Burnt hopes, lost race;
Everything at stake.

And my heart says,
Life is just a mistake;
Gone somewhere the wrong way,
And I stay stuck in a cobweb;
Defeated and helpless,
Grappling with fate.

Low funds, high debt;
Swelling eyes, long wept.
Many days, not slept;
Tired till the point of break.
No love, no friends;
Sulking into emptiness.

And my heart says,
Life is just a mistake;
Gone somewhere the wrong way,
And I stay stuck in a cobweb;
Defeated and helpless,
Grappling with fate.

Blurred lines, no rays;
Drowning into darkness.
Bled legs, no pace;
Crouching with disgrace.
Lone fight, no aids;
Hiding in a dark place.

And my heart says,
Life is just a mistake;
Gone somewhere the wrong way,
And I stay stuck in a cobweb;
Defeated and helpless,
Grappling with fate.


The Drifter

The water has fallen as the tide is low;
From somewhere at times a cold breeze blows.
The moon shies away and hides by the clouds,
And in the waters crouched its shadow.

The streetlights glitter as pearls engraved,
On a C-like precious Queen’s necklace.
And a little boat sails slow in pace,
In the sleeping sea so quite as a grave.

Seated scattered are some night owls,
Gazing the waters away from the shore,
By the seawall curve and long;
Each bemused in a world of their own.

Eternal lovers or diehard friends,
Or vagabonds whom no one tends,
Or vendors selling coffee, tea and cigarettes;
With the serenity everybody blends.

Sitting alone just a lonely soul,
By the waves on the seawall,
Lost in solitude plays a tune,
And his guitar spells magic on the world.

His voice stirs and rules everyone,
As he starts to sing a song,
Of a mother who has left his son,
And he hopes he’d not be forgotten.

Then he sings that he feels scared,
That he would be lost in the crowd,
That he’d not be able to even reach back home,
And she’d not hear him though he’d shout so loud.

What pains him, no one knows;
With the night his blue grows.
He sounds as if he feels hollow,
Dipped in fear of loss and sorrow.

He shifts his chords as he switches his songs;
The listeners appalled as they try to sing along,
From a distance,trying not to hurt his devotion,
As the drifter wanders in his world of isolation.

His song enthralls and touches the souls,
And in a cool misty night melodies pour.
Chasing his dreams raging a war,
Fluttering his wings in the sky he floats.

He sings of glory and love and life;
And his tune enchants the entire Marine Drive.
And hours pass by in a blink of an eye;
And he fades away without bidding a goodbye.

Where he came from no one cares;
Neither do they bother where he disappears.
Just a moment of ecstasy is what they share,
Admits the music, the night and the mystic air.



It was a lovely Friday night,
and I was standing out the bar.
I was waiting for my pal
when my eyes fell on her.
As she walked out the car,
she blew away my heart.
Oh Jenny!

Curly was her hair ,
and her dress was pink;
And as I saw her
I forgot how to blink.
It was love at first sight,
or that’s what I think.
Oh Jenny!

I forgot my friend,
and followed just her.
She looked pretty as a doll
as she entered the bar.
Oh I’m ready to die for her,
and take all her scars
Oh Jenny!

I didn’t even know
when my friend stood by me.
‘She’s Ronnie’s sister’,said he,
‘don’t even dare think’.
‘He’s gonna break your bones
and make you limp’.
Oh Jenny!

I got to tell you,
but I never know how!
It’s been so long since then,
and I donno what to do now.
I want to spend my life with you,
if you must allow.
Oh Jenny!

Ronnie, tell your sister,
how much I love her!
And please don’t break my legs;
I’ll take her care
And never look at another girl,
on Jesus I swear
Oh Jenny!


The Scarecrow

Staring to sky high,
Lonely on a dark night,
I wish I could,
Whisper to the fireflies,
Pass them kiss and goodbyes,
As they flew.

But I’m just a scarecrow,
Stranded on a meadow,
Kept to shoo,
Greedy crows and sparrows,
But how I feel no one knows,
No, they never do.

And I bleed all night,
And the stars can see my plight,
As the world turns so quiet,
But you never try.

Try and bring me into life,
I want to dance and feel the love—
Just me and you.
And the blurry sky will turn so bright,
The crescent moon will blow the pipe,
And comets shoot.

We could wander by the riverside,
Or from the hill top take a glide,
And shout,
‘Just look at the fireflies,
Twinkling up the dark skies,
So loud’.

But you never knew,
How my fears grew,
And I could see you through,
Still hoped you’d feel me too.



I wish I could finish
The things I started;
Be by your side forever,
And never parted.

I wish the sky was
Again so starry;
Me and you and the moonlight,
And nothing to worry.

I wish the wind blew
Again the same way;
The breeze could fly away the leaves,
But we could still stay.

I wish I could rewind
The tape and go back in time;
Hold you in my arms,
And sing you those rhymes.

I wish I had never
Made those mistakes;
Danced with you in the rains,
And walked with you in the snowflakes.

I wish things were
Never so awkward;
Never broken your heart,
Never uttered those words.

I wish we could start
It over again;
You’d ring the wrong door bell,
And I’d see you by my window pane.



I dream of the stars;
Not of the cars.
That no money can buy,
Tickets to those bars.

I run the race;
Not just any chase.
The limit of which none can get,
I crave for that pace.

I’m too stubborn to give up;
I’ve fled the field never in my life.
Try me as much as you can;
I’ll bounce back stronger and strive.

I choose to live;
Not just survive.
I may not have won yet,
But I’ll fight as long as I’m alive.


I’m no Superman

I’m no Superman;
I can’t fly.
I have no wings;
I can’t go high.

I lost all strength;
On the ground I lie.
I look to the moon,
And I ask why?

I feel so weak,
That I could die,
And rot all alone,
With no one to cry.

My legs don’t move;
My throat choke dry.
I feel too scared;
And I can’t deny.

But I’m a dreamer;
I dream of the sky.
To catch the stars,
I will try.


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