I don’t know what went wrong.
I don’t know how I lost you.
I don’t know how to face the storm.
I don’t know what to do.

I watched you in my dream
And I saw you go away.
And my life shimmered in front of me
Like a thin dying ray.
I try to be with people
Just to forget you.
I pretend to be happy,
I pretend to be cool.
But even in the crowd I feel so lonely;
I just miss you.
And how could I pretend that
I don’t love you!

Was ever there a moment
That you really loved me?
Was ever there a moment
That you really cared for me?

And now sitting in my room,
I try to gather all my strength.
I try to forget you,
But I know I can’t cross the length.
I miss your stupid jokes,
I miss your playing cool.
I miss you cute face,
I miss your eyes blue.
So won’t you miss me?
Like I miss you…

I know this is crazy,
That even if you broke my heart,
I’ll love you forever,
And this is just a start.
So you can do it again
Come and tear me apart.