Best Friend

Ding dong ding-
The bells do ring.
And do re fa so-
Our hearts go sing.

Jungle jungle
We walk along;
We’d mess with Anaconda,
We’d screw King Kong.

I’d be the captain,
And you be my man.
We’d beat the world;
Together we can.

I might put you in danger,
But I’d be the one,
The pull you out
Of whatever goes wrong.

So come to me,
And sing this song-
Ding song ding,
Let’s march along.

Hey! Don’t be so slow.
I’ll kick your ass.
We’ve to get our kingdom;
We’ve to get the lass.

Why do you scare
When I’m near?
There’s nothing to fear
When I’m here.

I might scare you
Once or twice,
But I’m your best friend
Sweet and nice.

Oh my best friend
Talk to me.
You are pissed off
I can see.

Don’t you worry,
Don’t you fret.
Coz nobody messes
With my best friend.

I am smart,
And you are cool.
We’ll last for ever,
Together we’ll rule.



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