You came to me
In my summer haze,
When your stars were low
And I was ace.
And you took me, took me
Into confidence.

And so in the summer haze,
We made love in the summer blaze,
And too fast, too fast
Was our pace;
And I took you to the
Front of the race.

In my glory days,
People flocked all my ways.
So much was my craze,
I could never see the real face.

And now when
I’m in my winter days,
When I’ve lost
All my pace,
You’ve left me,
How much I chase!

And now in the winter rains,
I walk through the lonely lanes,
And too much, too much
The winter pains.
But you’re nowhere;
Why did you change?

And now when my summer sets,
And darker my day gets,
Even my shadow is in a haste,
To leave me alone wander in the maize.

I miss so much my summer days!