For a blink of an eye,
I had a black out,
When you left me to die,
And never heard me shout.

For every tick of a clock,
I only wished for you,
When the stars did shine,
Or the birds flew.

And now I’m drowning,
Into oblivion;
Love is an illusion.

The skies are crying,
And I can’t see my dawn.
Oh where did I go wrong?

For every time I saw you,
My heart skipped a beat,
As if it was new;
And it was strange but sweet.

For every beat of my heart,
I really looked for you,
And you never cared for me,
And I didn’t know what could I do.

My sun is setting,
And my world fell apart;
Oh you’re meant for me,
I never had a doubt.

And now I’m dying,
You really broke my heart,
And letting you go,
Is the hardest part.