The countless stars
Guide the lonely night,
As I’m walking alone.
There’s none by my side,
But the crescent moon,
And my own eclipsed shadow.

The chilling breeze,
A song it sings,
And the crickets cause furore.
My heart feels good,
But it still needs you;
You come and my loneliness would go.

In a night so deep,
Will you walk with me,
As the darkness would grow?
We’d do nothing;
Forget everything,
And let the universe forgo.

We’ll walk for miles,
And miles and miles,
Till we reach our shore.
We’d chase fireflies,
In the open skies,
As our love grows more and more.

An empty road,
An empty heart,
I’m empty without your hold.
Please come by,
And never leave my sight,
Together we’ll grow old…