Burning Train

It’s a burning train,
And am trapped in the glowing flames.
It’s hung on a stupid streak,
Towards a ‘no way’ it heads.

And I surrender…
I can’t fight, I surrender…
I give up, I surrender…
I’m too weak, I surrender…

Oh it’s a burning train,
Can’t burn my nasty pain.
But now I feel nothing,
And I have a mystic smile.

And I surrender…
I find solace, I surrender…
I need nothing, I surrender…
I’m at peace, I surrender…

Oh a burning train,
Can’t hold my growing ache.
I lay on the aisle dead still,
And I’m on an upward creek.

But the truth is I feel it.
I can do nothing, but I feel it.
I can’t change it, but I feel it.
I accept it, but I feel it.

And I surrender…
You’re out of reach, I surrender…
I miss you, but, I surrender…
I can’t get you, I surrender…



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