Butterflies in my heart,
The miracle of your sight.
You bring a divine light;
My mind says wrong but my heart says right.

The clouds above walk with me,
And ask me can’t you see?
She’s the one for you;
So let your heart fly free.

Now I smile for no reason,
I think of you from every dusk to dawn.
You make me forget my killing pain;
I look for you from evey town to town.

I drench in your rain of love,
And flow in the joyous wave,
Sailing the boat of bliss,
I chase my burning crave.

I love you for who you are,
I don’t need a shining star,
And if I can’t get you,
Gift me a poisoned jar.

So baby please come by;
You kiss me and I’ll get high.
Do nothing, just lie in arms;
And never say goodbye.



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