Fleeing Tezpur

Crossing the lines—hammer and tongs,
Yes they are coming, marching in hordes,
With mortars and rifles and tanks and bombs;
And our protectors had fled the posts!

The elderly folks ran hysteric,
‘Dig the trenches’—they said,
‘Move to the banks, cross the river’.
And all around sheer chaos prevailed.

Thousands waited at the bank;
It was night and there were no ferries to be seen.
Kids shivered in the bitter winter cold,
Waiting to take the ferry early next morning.

The Sahibs had sold their tea gardens;
Some local crooks took the chance.
They packed their bags, killed their pets,
And in a moment left years of romance.

‘Bury the coins, burn the notes,
The Prime Minister has left us alone.
Leave the bags, quit the houses,
Pack the kids, and hide in the holes’.

PS: Remembering the plight of the people of Tezpur— a town in the state of Assam, India, during the 1962 Indo-China war, when the Chinese army was on an unabated intrusion.




Crippled like a one legged horse,
I gallop with my winged oars,
As the looming sunset hides the pores,
That the ferocious demon punched in scores.

Waiting in a station seated on a bench,
I board none  just stare the trains.
Lost in the crowd stuck in the wrench
Of anguish, ailment, trouble and pains.

I stress my head as the trains pass by,
Why I’m low while the world is high!
I lay so lost under the wide sky,
And my life says me a bitter goodbye.

I wait for the sun I wait for the rainbow.
An ocean to cross by no strength to row;
I bleed like a reindeer shot by an arrow,
But I hide the stains and keep them low.


One Day

In another time,
In another world,
I’d be the one for you,
And you’d be mine,my love.

In another way,
The stars would shine that day,
And the birds would sing of gay,
In the oceans, would dance the waves.

I can make a wait long thousand years,
To see how long can you avoid my tears.
One day you’d me mine, just mine my dear;
And from my sky of love, the clouds would disappear.

Let me be a flower of your garden,
I’ll rise and blossom and wither and fall.
I’ll give you joy, heal your pain,
For your smile I’ll shed my life too small.


Tear me Apart

I don’t know what went wrong.
I don’t know how I lost you.
I don’t know how to face the storm.
I don’t know what to do.

I watched you in my dream
And I saw you go away.
And my life shimmered in front of me
Like a thin dying ray.
I try to be with people
Just to forget you.
I pretend to be happy,
I pretend to be cool.
But even in the crowd I feel so lonely;
I just miss you.
And how could I pretend that
I don’t love you!

Was ever there a moment
That you really loved me?
Was ever there a moment
That you really cared for me?

And now sitting in my room,
I try to gather all my strength.
I try to forget you,
But I know I can’t cross the length.
I miss your stupid jokes,
I miss your playing cool.
I miss you cute face,
I miss your eyes blue.
So won’t you miss me?
Like I miss you…

I know this is crazy,
That even if you broke my heart,
I’ll love you forever,
And this is just a start.
So you can do it again
Come and tear me apart.


Best Friend

Ding dong ding-
The bells do ring.
And do re fa so-
Our hearts go sing.

Jungle jungle
We walk along;
We’d mess with Anaconda,
We’d screw King Kong.

I’d be the captain,
And you be my man.
We’d beat the world;
Together we can.

I might put you in danger,
But I’d be the one,
The pull you out
Of whatever goes wrong.

So come to me,
And sing this song-
Ding song ding,
Let’s march along.

Hey! Don’t be so slow.
I’ll kick your ass.
We’ve to get our kingdom;
We’ve to get the lass.

Why do you scare
When I’m near?
There’s nothing to fear
When I’m here.

I might scare you
Once or twice,
But I’m your best friend
Sweet and nice.

Oh my best friend
Talk to me.
You are pissed off
I can see.

Don’t you worry,
Don’t you fret.
Coz nobody messes
With my best friend.

I am smart,
And you are cool.
We’ll last for ever,
Together we’ll rule.


Summer Days

You came to me
In my summer haze,
When your stars were low
And I was ace.
And you took me, took me
Into confidence.

And so in the summer haze,
We made love in the summer blaze,
And too fast, too fast
Was our pace;
And I took you to the
Front of the race.

In my glory days,
People flocked all my ways.
So much was my craze,
I could never see the real face.

And now when
I’m in my winter days,
When I’ve lost
All my pace,
You’ve left me,
How much I chase!

And now in the winter rains,
I walk through the lonely lanes,
And too much, too much
The winter pains.
But you’re nowhere;
Why did you change?

And now when my summer sets,
And darker my day gets,
Even my shadow is in a haste,
To leave me alone wander in the maize.

I miss so much my summer days!



I thought of writing;
I didn’t know what to write.
I didn’t want to write about you,
But that’s all what came into my mind.

So I took the pen and scribbled on the paper;
I don’t know what to say,
I don’t know what I did;
But on the paper I drew your face.

I crumpled the paper and threw it in the bin,
But I couldn’t throw you out of mind.
I took the paper back and unfolded it;
Wrinkled like our bond but hard to leave behind.


The Hardest Part

For a blink of an eye,
I had a black out,
When you left me to die,
And never heard me shout.

For every tick of a clock,
I only wished for you,
When the stars did shine,
Or the birds flew.

And now I’m drowning,
Into oblivion;
Love is an illusion.

The skies are crying,
And I can’t see my dawn.
Oh where did I go wrong?

For every time I saw you,
My heart skipped a beat,
As if it was new;
And it was strange but sweet.

For every beat of my heart,
I really looked for you,
And you never cared for me,
And I didn’t know what could I do.

My sun is setting,
And my world fell apart;
Oh you’re meant for me,
I never had a doubt.

And now I’m dying,
You really broke my heart,
And letting you go,
Is the hardest part.



I have got a gun;
Yes I do.
Bang bang bang!
I’m gonna kill you.

So run baby run!
One two three.
I’m gonna chase you,
And hang to a tree.

You think you know me!
No you don’t.
Don’t try me.
Dare you don’t!

There’s a thing in my head,
You can’t see.
I am a psychopath.
He he he!

I’m gonna peel your skin,
And rip your soul,
And break your bones.
Growl baby growl!

I’m gonna cut you into pieces,
And feed the dogs.
So learn baby learn!
Don’t mess with the rogues.


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