Mother, I’m scared.
I’m far away from you
And so long we haven’t met!

I don’t know these people I live with.
Sometimes when I’m sad
I long for a loving hand
But I fawn- I have none.

I feel insecure,
I feel a constant threat.
I miss your cocoon of warmth;
I know life is thorny path,
And I need to keep moving;
And I’m trying to do that.

Do you remember, mother,
When I was a kid,
In the evening,
When I returned from school
You’d always be at the gate,
Waiting for me.
I’d waive my hand and you’d wave back;
And then I’d run
From a distance
And reach you in a second.

Everyday you did that;
You never missed a day!
Mother, do you still wait at the gate
Seeking when your son would come back?

You know mother,
Last week I was not well-
I had a fever.
We talked over the phone
And I tried to hide my breaking voice.

I don’t want to let you know when I’m sick-
When I’m sad.
You already have a lot of worries,
I don’t want to trouble you more with my concerns.
But somehow you still know when something is wrong!

Mother, I’ll be a good boy,
I’ll make you proud,
I know you’re already proud of me for who I am-
I’m gonna make you more proud.
And I’m gonna come home soon,
You keep waiting at the gate,
And I’ll make a chase for you.



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