MEMHS Goodbye

The birds are flying,
High up the sky.
I feel so restless,
I don’t know why?
I don’t want to say-
MEMHS goodbye!

The clouds come rushing,
As they fly.
To hold this pain
As I try.
But I don’t want to say-
MEMHS goodbye.

The rain starts pouring,
From the sky.
As if with me,
The clouds too cry,
Don’t want to say-
MEMHS goodbye.

The classes so boring,
The teachers so scaring,
All seems now so dear.
The fights so stupid,
And a tiffin-box so tiny, with
Friends four to share.

The games so silly
During lunch-break we played.
No, I don’t want them to fade.
I’ll miss the assembly,
I’ll miss the classrooms,
And that old-wise school gate.

Those playing pranks,
Those calling names,
How can I let them go?
Those flirting girls,
Those getting canes,
Loving the teachers though.

Those march pasts,
Those school weeks-
Fighting for honour!
Those debates,
Those quizzes,
And the scary exam-hours.

Those annual days,
Those dances and plays,
Shall always be missed.
Those friendships made,
In my memories will always wade;
And a girl whom I first kissed.

The winds come gushing
As I pry
To hold my tears;
But it’s there to take me and fly.
So I must say-
MEMHS goodbye.

PS- Dedicated to all the ex-MEMHSians including the outgoing batch.



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