Peshawar Attack-A wake up Call

The dastardly act of the mass-massacre of innocent school-children at the Peshawar School in Pakistan on 16 Dec 2014 is beyond condemnation. No words can alleviate the loss or the pain of the sufferers. No words can describe the gravity of the pain. Our heart goes out to the ones who have lost their little angels.

What was their fault?

‘He went out in uniform, came back in a coffin’ my eyes got misty as I read the wails of an inconsolable father in a newspaper. What could one say! These kids- these little kids, what was their fault? They didn’t even know properly what religion is! What politics is what a war is or what death is! These little hearts, naive enough, to even judge the good from the evil- the God from the Devil were brutally slaughtered for no fault of theirs! It was their age to study and play and have fun, fight over an ice-cream, get pampered by their parents and their loved ones; and there they lay in a casket.

I fail to understand- does any religion approve of it? Is it justifiable by any human? Islam- meaning peace. Is this peace? Jihad- I don’t really know what it means and I really don’t want to know it if I too can commit such inhuman acts knowing it. I fail to understand whether those who do such things are even human. I fail to reconcile with it. And I find it difficult to accept that Islam allows it. People have really manipulated the meaning of Islam a lot and have used it to fulfill their vested interested. And the stupid ones are brainwashed to do such stupid gruesome acts, giving them the lure of 72 virgins and shit, leading them to cause bloodshed and massacre, not to mention their own lives being lost.

Islam is a very obscure religion. The language in which the Quran is written is extremely obscure. Even intellectuals find difficulty in understanding the true meaning. Moreover it has been passed over generations, by various modes of transfer, and this is my personal belief that any book when passed generations after generations undergo changes- deliberate or undeliberate. So possibly, much has changed from the original book and stuffs that meted their selfish agendas of some people might have been added by them with time. And even if that is not true, the obscurity of the language has been exploited by pseudo keepers-of-the-religion to give a different connotation from what it really was and to spread it among the vulnerable people who don’t understand the language well, making them do wrong things. What else can explain even educated people like engineers- doctors and all joining the ‘Jihad’ under ISIS or at other places?

For long Pakistan has been blaming India for all their worries. It’s time to stop and introspect now. What went wrong? How long will you be in a denial mode? I know this might not be the right time to castigate you, but the sooner you start the better. ‘You can’t keep snakes in your back yard and expect them to only bite your neighbours’.

Even now some of the Pakistanis have not missed the chance to put the blame of this massacre on India. “India, we will NOT forgive you for this atrocity! You chose the day of December 16th to rub it in. We stand firm, united & will crush you!” the 50-year-old ‘security analyst’, Zaid Hamid lashed out on Twitter. And there were many others backing this bullshit. How long will keep on with you hate-India theory. People like you are leading Pakistan towards self-destruction. And how long will the imbecile be allow themselves to be victimized by such shrewd people who are doing nothing but business to keep themselves powerful!

Pakistan has long nurtured the terror groups in their land to use them in their proxy war against India. And yes, to a large extent they have been successful in doing so; the 26/11 Mumbai attack being just an example. They have long unleashed terror in the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir using their home-grown terror outfits, chasing the locals to take shelter in refuge-camps, leaving their homes and cattle back. They have even fought the Kargil war with the militants fighting shoulder to shoulder with their army. But now the snakes that they have kept are biting their keepers.

It is time Pakistan wakes up and rectifies the things that they did wrong. Getting Kashmir through threat is something they’re never going to achieve. So they should look into the lands they have and try to improve the life of their people. And if still, they want to stay in a denial mode and stick to their idea of supporting militancy than God save them. Every other day there is a suicide bombing in Pakistan and in this rate it won’t take much time to self-destroy Pakistan.

Every life is precious. Be it a Hindu or a Muslim, this side of the border or that side. I fell happy to see the solidarity shown by the fellow Indians in the hard time of our Pakistani brothers. Nothing can bring the lives back, but I just hope that 16 Dec which was remembered as a day of animosity till now is remembered as a day of the dawn of goodwill and trust between the two nations.

I pray for the departed souls.



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