Indian Education System

I had promised someone long time back that I would write something on the Indian Education System. I had almost forgotten when suddenly today I remembered. So I thought of writing something before I forget it again.

The Indian Education System is, in the words of many, ‘Fucked up’. And my opinion is not that divergent from those who think so. Well I am a pygmy in front of the scholars who have taken up this issue earlier, and I don’t know how good to express myself, but I would still like to use my right to freedom of speech to give my assessment about the very educational system that I have gone through and probably may even go through in future.

First, the idea of imposing a selected fixed number of subjects on everyone is very wrong. Say suppose, I like Computer Science and I like arts such as music and literature as well. I should have the choice of selecting the subjects that I want to study and reject the ones which I don’t. Unfortunately, in the Indian Education System you don’t have that liberty. Even in higher education when you have streams you have very little choice. Say for example, you take up engineering, you have no choice to take music as a subject and learn it at a professional level. Can’t a person have interest in engineering as well as music at the same time? But in the foreign schools things are pretty different, and you have the freedom of selecting the fields of your choice right from lower levels.

Second, the curriculum in most of the institutions here are outdated. Except a few colleges, most of the colleges follow and old curriculum that might not have been updated since years. With the changing times, there is the growing need to change oneself- too keep oneself up-to-date.

Third, the quality of teachers is pathetic. I had never heard anyone say ‘I want to be a teacher’ to the question ‘What do you want to become in life’ asked at school during childhood. Unfortunately, and with no intention to offend anyone, except a few, all the people who end up becoming teachers, are the ones who had no viable better career option. So, they become teacher not by choice but by destiny. Thus, it’s not a surprise when a Bihar teacher spells ‘APPLE’ as ‘APIL’. And consequently, what can we expect the students to learn from a teacher like that. And it’s equally not surprising when teachers try to hush up a ‘troubling’ student, who ‘always disturbs the class with stupid questions’. Under such a circumstance, it is understandable why a convent school student was made to sit in a primary school in Lucknow to impress Bill Clinton during his visit to that school.

Fourth, the most worrying aspect of Indian Education is that, the ‘crammers are rewarded’ and the ‘thinkers penalized’. India is a country where in reality, the ‘Chatur’ gets the gold medal and the ‘Ranchoddas’ actually fails! Therefore it is no wonder that while a lot of students are bagging high package jobs all across the globe, there is perhaps negligible progress in the field of research.

Well there might be many other loopholes in the educational system. These are only a few I mentioned. But my aim is not to curse everyone, starting from the education minister to the teacher who taught me, for my failure. Because that won’t help me in any way. I believe in survival of the fittest. If that is the system here, we have no choice but to go through it. But if someday, I become powerful enough I should try to change the things that I think is wrong.

If you don’t like a rule just follow it, reach on the top and change the rule ~ Hitler



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