*Lover’s Lane*

I’m all alone,
On the Lover’s Lane,
Waiting for you.
And I knew,
You’d never come,
After all we’ve been through.

I still remember,
The day,
I said,
I don’t need you.
But, hey, hey,
Deep within,
I just wished,
You’d say
I will never leave you.

You just walked away,
Even before I knew.
Without saying a word,
Or fighting with me,
Or asking
What did I do?

And I’m still here,
Waiting for you.
Where you left me,
Baby can’t you see?
Like I always did,
I still love you.

I’m weeping now.
All alone.
Under the moonlit sky,
As the night grew.
Gazing the stars
Oblivious as the fire files flew
And I don’t know what to do
Baby I just don’t wanna lose you.




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