You’re my friend,
You’re my brother,
You’re my guide,
You’re my teacher.

Yash, it’s just been two weeks,
That you sent me a friend request.
Seeing me somewhere,
Liking my comments.

And as I wondered,
Who is this guy.
No one sends me friend request.
But you sent, why?
I wanted to ask you,
I was shy.

Just then a message popped up.
You said ‘Hi!’
‘Oxidize me Potassium’.
I smiled
And just replied back, ‘Hi’.

And from the very first day,
It was clear
That we’re the chemical brothers
Long lost somewhere.

Our ideas ,our views
All react so well.
Our words ,our thoughts
Are 100% compatible.

I’m a sentimental fool,
Like you’re kid.
And finally I’ve oxidized you.
I think I did.


(PS: Just for a friend)