Chasing the Mirage

Look at the zenith,
Far beyond the horizon.
Do you see anything?
There somewhere,
Behind the oceans and seas,
Crossing the sharks and the whales,
And the mysteries of the playful mermaids,
And a lonely sailor in his wretched boat,
Lies the place I dream of.

A place where there will be no worries,
No jealousy
No hatred
No religion
No caste
No want goes unsatisfied
No hunger that is not met
No thirst that is not quenched
No rich No poor
No crime No war.
Just eternal peace you see everywhere.

Do you see it now?
Look within you
Through the waves in your heart
At the core of your soul
Crossing the turmoils of your life.
Nowhere to see.
Like a butterfly
With broken wings.
Tired of the limitless strokes you make.
Tired of the limitless dreams that break.

Jealousy creeps into your soul,
Seeing yourself fail and someone else get his goal.
Chase your dreams
But give up your greed.
Live for others.
Coz true happiness lies giving,
Not in getting.

When you know
And truly believe
That it’s all about the journey
And never about the destination.
When you learn to enjoy
The simplest pleasures of life.

A random smile.
A blissful rain.
A small piece of cake,
And friends four to share.
A random chat
With a stranger you’ve just met.
A toddlers first step
And million others we just miss
While looking for something else.
That ‘else’ that never comes.

Cherish what you have got.
Stop wailing for what you have not.
That’s when you attain true happiness,
When you discover your true self
And know the truth
That happiness is just a mirage.
It can never be achieved,
It can only be perceived.

That’s the land I dream of
Can you see me now?


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