Coz you don’t love me

The way I do,

I see no point

To continue.

And every time you do this to me

It hurts like hell.

You know there’re no words

For me to tell.

The stories

You make,

The promises

You break,

Your emotions

That are fake,

Guess it’s time

For me to wake.

I craved

To talk to you.

And with each passing day

My passion for you grew.

But your indifference is

What I got in return.

To love me, to kiss me

You never yearn.

But then to the questions

Someone ask you,

“Do you still love him?”

You say, “Of course I do”.

And what does that mean

I can’t see.

Please for heaven’s sake

Love me or leave me.

Maybe I had some charm

That is now lost.

Could I, I’d have bought your love

At any cost.

But then one can’t get love

By force.

So it’s good for me

To let you go.


And there is

No deny

That I’ll love you

Until I die.

But I see no point

To continue,

Coz you don’t love me

The way I do.