“Omanikhar akulota
Nirobota mathu amar kakhot
Uroniya mon kumoliya
Joontiu lukaise jen lajot
Kiba kuwa, kiba khuna
Tumi aukhir joon mur hridoyor
Endhar nikha, tumi xikha
Tumi xur jen mur hepahor
Enedore dubahut dubahu thoi thaku sirokal
Buku duru duru kope bhakha hoi nitaal
Sinaaki onubhutir porichoy
Spondon modhumoi
Faguni botah jaake janu ki koi
Hridoyot kihor proloy
Osin ojan madokota
Kio baru jole soga
Kihor bhorom, kihor trikha
Kio iman unmadona
Tumar majot palu dhora
Tumar babei mur mon pothar
Tumak pabo, tumak subo
Bogai ahim hazaar pahar
Akakhere lori juwa popiya torati nu ki pai
Kijaniba khihotoke tumare senehe moohi jai
Mayabi Junaaki poruwai
Kio ba aji motoliya geet gaai
Misiki hahiti uruwai
Juwa mur ondhokar aatorai”

Familiar Unfamiliar||Sinaki Osinaki


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Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
There is so much chaos, I’m tired;
The blueness of the blue sky is blurred;
That familiar tone of sifung calls me endlessly…
Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
Such is the tenderness in mother’s voice;
Warmth of love is so pleasant.
By the river, in the soothing breeze
Is life-calming intoxication.
In the autumn-night’s moonlight
Grass like tender dreams arise.
Nudged by the Jasmine flower’s fragrance,
My heart starts flying endlessly.
Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
Looking back into the past-sweet memories,
Strength of heart turns into bold melodies.
Looking back into the past-sweet memories,
I find those simple cultural philosophies.
Country stories, Mula Joymoti,
And Lachit’s Saraighat.
Grandma’s those Borgeet prayers
Tremble silently in my heart.
Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
For the sky-thirsty people,
For the mask-sick age,
Knitting with Sifung flute’s tune,
I compose this new melody
With true love of the heart,
With sweet emotions of the mind.
Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
There is so much chaos, I’m tired;
The blueness of the blue sky is blurred.
That familiar tone of sifung calls me endlessly…
Familiar faces, unfamiliar hearts;
Everyone is lost, wearing masks.
Sifung- A traditional bamboo flute of the Bodo tribe in Assam.
Mula- Mula Gabharu was the wife of Phrasengmung Borgohain, the then Ahom commander. Mula Gabharu, died fighting against the Muslim general Turbak Khan of Bengal in 1532 A.D. to revenge the death of her husband at the hands of the enemy.
Joymoti- Joymoti Kuwori was the wife of Ahom Prince Gadapani. She was accorded the honorific Soti or Sati on account of her heroic endurance of torture until the end, dying at the hands of royalists under Sulikphaa Loraa Roja without disclosing her exiled husband Prince Gadapani’s whereabouts, thereby enabling her husband to rise in revolt and assume kingship. (The crucial point being the title was given to a woman who put up a valiant fight; widows committing Sati was not common in Assam, as it was in Bengal.)
Lachit Borphukan- Lachit Borphukan was a commander in the Ahom kingdom known for his leadership in the 1671 Battle of Saraighat that thwarted a drawn-out attempt by Mughal forces under the command of Ramsingh I to take back Kamrup. Lachit beheaded his maternal uncle for showing laxity in the construction of an embankment for the protection of the Ahom Kingdom from the Mughals, saying দেশতকৈ মোমাই ডাঙৰ নহয় which means: my uncle is not greater than my country. The best cadet of NDA is awarded the Lachit Borphukan gold medal.
Borgeet- A Borgeet is a vaishnava devotional song, popular in Assam. Literally meaning great songs, Borgeets were composed by Srimanta Sankardev and Sri Madhavdev in 15th to 16th century. They were written in Brajaboli language.
(It is my attempt to translate the song ‘Sinaki Osinaki’ by Papon. I tried my best. Forgive me if I could not do justice to the song _/\_ .)

The Awakening

Speak to me,
I don’t hear any voice;
The noise has deafened me.
For you, it’s a deal—
Corrupt me with your words;
The herd misleads me.
For it’s you, whom I trust;
Your lies are for me to take
Again, even if it’s a mistake.
So, wake my soul;
Pull me with your aroma,
For I don’t want to learn to live in coma.
For long I have stayed asleep,
Now, it’s time to take a leap;
If it is to be, let my faith on you get my soul ripped.
I want to dance in the rain.
I want to sing in my pain.
I want to dream again.
Let your darkness engulf mine,
For mine alone is too weak to shine;
Together we can explode like landmines.
Stoke my psyche,
Let my temptations show its ire;
We all are sinners of our lust and desires.
You lie to me,
And I’ll lie to you
If that can act as fuel.
So, stir the revolution;
Let the flames dance in the fire,
And spirits be awakened in the graveyard.
Take up your arms;
Let World War III begin,
Let sacrifices be made, if the need be.

The Mystic Wolf

In the light of the fireflies
She walks by the stream;
Her eyes glow a smile
That could light up the hill.

Far away a wolf cries;
Evil eerie in the scream.
Lonely night and the fireflies
The echoes make her cringe.

The fireflies hypnotize;
A lullaby is what they sing.
Nothing else in her sight;
She dissolves in her dream.

Mystic wolf comes alive
Behind her by the stream;
Slowly pounces on her,
Swallows her in her dream.



I am the opposite of the word “perfect”. I have a lot of flaws. Now, I won’t say that I’m very proud of my imperfections or “I am who I am”! No, I won’t show that “I don’t want to change, accept me the way I am” kind of attitude. I really feel if something is wrong in me, and I know that, I should try to change it. I should improve. And, I’m constantly working on it. It’s not because I want to impress anyone or something; I just want to be a better person.  But despite my flaws I have a few good qualities too. A few good qualities that, maybe, I am proud of. And when you meet someone, in the beginning, you get to see only these few good qualities, which maybe every man possesses. And then slowly, as you bond closer, you start exploring the person and knowing the bad ones too. Now, I won’t say, the earlier ones were the fake ones and the later ones are the real ones. My identity is the summation of my good qualities and the bad ones— the good ones which I want to strengthen and widen, and the bad ones which I want to lessen and leave. Instead of despising me after knowing my bad qualities and maybe abandoning me, you should give some time and maybe help me improve it. Instead of just leaving me or talking behind my back, maybe you should say on my face the things that you don’t like or maybe, you think, I should change. Remember, only the lucky ones whom I consider close get to know my bad qualities. I don’t go on showing them to everyone on the road. And in spite of all that, if you choose to leave, it is you my friend, who is the loser and not me. Even the diamond starts as coal! And this time, I mean it.



I lie to myself,
I say—everything is gonna be all right.
I look up the sky,
I wonder when the stars will shine so bright.

I hide my inhibitions;
I pretend I’m strong with a fake smile.
I work so hard;
I am scared if that would ever be worthwhile.

I get slow sometimes,
Thinking where am I heading in life!
I take a break,
And I start afresh in a while.

I raise my guns again,
Determined I shall never give up the fight.
I tie my wounds,
And march ahead seeking for light.

I take step by step,
Waiting for my moment to strike.
Victory may be far,
But, I shall keep walking till I’m alive.


Aaj Dil

Aaj dil phir udaas hai
Khudse hi shayad naaraaz hai
Kuch jaana-pehchaana ehsaas hai
Kya pata isko kiski aas hai

Jaise sagar ko hi pyas hai
Ha ajeeb yeh kasmakash hai
Dard hi dard bas paas hai
Shayad dard hi iska ilaaz hai



I guess it’s wrong to keep dreaming;
I thought life was as said by John Lennon.
But there’s a hole in my dreams,
And I can’t say, how I want, to keep it on.
But this play has to stop;
I’ll keep faking till how long?
Life’s a sail not so smooth,
And every day, I can’t bleed, it just feels so wrong.
And this hole keeps growing;
I can’t fix, some things are out of control.
But it’s time to be awake.
I can’t live, in my dreams, anymore.
And I don’t know why it feels so good;
I’m dying; the ashes flying give me a smile.
And I don’t want to sleep today;
Shoo my dreams away, I’ve got to say, let me just stay awake awhile.

Final Stint

The euphoria of the mental orgy has sublimed,
I can see things better now.
The captivating spell casted by the witch withered,
I still lay on my bed staring at the ceiling above.
I feel so energized today—
As if I can climb a peak.
I cringe on my bed as I lay;
I still feel so weak.
I see the darkness in the light today;
Instead, darkness now is kind of a soothing place.
I fear the light that can blind my way;
Sometime, you see things clearer in pitch darkness.
Am I awake or am I dreaming?
I don’t know real from fake.
As if I’m still possessed by the forbidden ring;
It’s time for me to wake.
The final stint I made is over today;
I feel so stupid and useless now!
Or is it just a phase?
Am I still so blind somehow?



A Sobriquet

Your soul shalt rot in hell,
And your body decayed on earth,
What’s the difference – I asked thyself,
They are two sides of a same coin – I heard,
No – they are two sides of a magnet – I thought,
But one was just a sobriquet for the other – the God said.
PS- Lucifer is a contributing author to this blog.

Jack Sparrow

Don’t be sad,
I’ll be with you—
in good days and bad.
In happiness or sorrow—
you’ll be my sea,
and I’ll be your Captain Jack Sparrow.
And don’t be mad,
don’t be low.
I’ll be by your side
wherever you go.
Because when it’s dark
and nothing is in your sight.
I’ll be your star;
I’ll give you light.
And I’m nothing
without you.
You’re my sky,
and I’m your blue.

Polar Star

It’s been too late in night,
There are no fire flies.
Nothing to light up the dark:
Everything’s gone so quite.

A voice that guided me till now,
Seems to have faded somehow.
I don’t know what went wrong;
Or was it always an illusion?

I don’t want the sun to rise;
It cannot save my life.
I cannot face the light;
Can someone hear my cries?

I search my polar star,
The fight is not over,
I can wait forever,
So close, yet so far.



Ubhoti ghoroloi
Jau moi kenekoi
Bikhador bedona
Kou moi kenekoi
Nubuje kunuwe
Xopun herai jai
Aabori dhorise kaal-dhumuhai
Xunaali poja’u johi jai
Ovagi aai mur ringiyai
Kotenu herai…
Nilimaar Xopun loi
Erisilu xei poduli
Aai’r senehor maala
Deutaar Obhimaan-jori
Ajisun misa hol
Mathu dhulikona
Ajisun misa hol
Aai’r xokolu aakha
Ajisun misa hol
Jibonor poribhakha
Nubuje kunuwe
Nubuje kunuwe
Nubuje kunuwe
Xopun herai jai
Aabori dhorise kaal-dhumuhai
Xunaali poja’u johi jai
Ovagi aai mur ringiyai
Kotenu herai…
Asu moi usupi
Hiya mur thomoki roi
Endhar nikhai muk nisukai
Obujon soga bur joli jai
Dikhaheen moi bor nirupaai
Nisthur protipol oxohai
Nubuje kunuwe
Nubuje kunuwe
Nubuje kunuwe
Kio xopun herai jai
Aabori dhorise kaal-dhumuhai
Xunaali poja’u johi jai
Ovagi aai mur ringiyai
Kotenu mur xopun herai…
(The theme is about a failed son, who had left his home with dreams for his life but failed miserably. He’s now weeping and seeking redemption)


There is some beauty in the silence too;
In the darkness of the night I carve your face.
Your simple words echo in my mind all night through—
Like the crickets’ chirrups, they play a symphony apace.
The night is not too long for the dreams of you;
For I have plenty of those— the only guiding light I see.
I find some pleasure in the rejections too,
And in my mind it’s already ‘we’.


Ringing in my head like a bell,
Is it just a dream or something you want to say?
Catch hold of my sun as it sets;
Have you seen the light as it fades away?
Another of your dream that can take my breath.
Break me into pieces and I won’t say a thing;
Only stay a while with me and I’ll flap my wings.
Raise me up high— it’s all what I need—
Another of your dreams is all I dream;
Horizons in infinity meant never to meet.

Random Blues

Darkness swept and there came the rains,
The heavens cried pouring its pains.
The leaves dropped and so did the dew,
The winds blew but no traces of you!
The trees moved from left to right,
And shuddered with fear as if they knew the plight.
The skies stormed with thunder and light,
As if searching for you but you’re nowhere in sight.
The birds flew rushing to their nests,
What comes ahead they knew the best!
Their babies alone didn’t know what to do,
Helpless the way it feels without you.
The drops poured like drums on the street;
The buzzing sound played a beat,
Of melancholy and emptiness—
And I can’t find looking for a place.
The clouds moved along with me,
And puddles plinked like memories.
The raging wind made whispers about you,
Bringing a void and the random blues.

Intoxicated Ghostly Night


Intoxicated ghostly night
Muted uproar
Like a wail of sunshine
I am a procession of sounds…
It is time
The moon and the stars were
Plucked out of the sky
And smashed to the ground
When will sunflower adorn
The grave of compassion…
The children of conventions
Do not obey the rules anymore
Mother’s eyes
Turn into hazy holes
Under curtains of mist…
The vultures hold their meetings forever
Leaving behind their speeches
Our days are like the
Crooked horns of a lifeless deer…
~Syed Ahmed Shah
(Translation of the song ‘Xurat Mogon Bhoyal Rati’)
PS: Sorry Syed Ahmed Shah I uploaded your translation without your permission as many had requested me to translate it and I saw yours which was pretty well done. So there was no point for me to do it again.


The sun sets slow and the rivers dry,
The blood runs cold and the heart does fly,
The trumpets blow and the cuckoos cry,
When you are in sight;
Catch me and lift me high.
I want to float up the sky,
And if you ever say goodbye
I’ll die.

By a river in the sands,
We could make a home with emeralds,
Of love and care and little fights,
If you be mine;
Catch me and lift me high.
I want to float up the sky,
And if you ever say goodbye
I’ll die.

I’m not a prince to win your heart;
I’ve only words to make a start.
You’ll only know if you give a chance—
You’re my life!
Catch me and lift me high.
I want to float up the sky,
And if you ever say goodbye
I’ll die.


The Moth

You are like the moon, whose shimmers can only be felt;
Touching you is a distant dream.

And I’m like a pebble, stepped over by passersby;
Maybe a part of you, yet an overlooked and outcasted thing.

A dog never catches a running car; I’m as worthless as him.
Still I dream of you, I’m the mad king!

I can be the moth, jumping into the dancing flames, burning all night for you.
For everything else is false-only the fire in you seems true.